Ben and Ed’s Merry CrimBOW Drop In

It’s been nearly two years since our last CrimBOW drop in …

So we are delighted to announce the RETURN of your favourite Winter Seasonal Festivity!

What’s a drop in?

You can come along when you like, for as long or short as you like. Some people stop by for 15 minutes on their way to the Westfield, others loiter all day – all are Welcome!

Festivities in previous years have included:

  • Mulled wine – authentic DELIA’S recipe
  • Live CAROLS – when Ms. Vorderman attends
  • Kerry Katona’s finest frozen foods
  • CHRISTMAS/Eurovision Fusion Playlist
  • Quality STREET (excluding Green Triangles)
  • An electic mix of STUFFED TOYS

And this year, it’s all of that PLUS AND IN ADDITION TO

  • ORGAN accompaniment to your carol singing
  • Iceland’s dramatically improved vegan & vegetarian offerings
  • By POPULAR request: The GREEN triangles
  • More STUFFED toys than EVER before

DO bring:

  • Donned gay festive apparel
  • BYOB or red wine suitable for the mulling pot (Delia suggests a full bodied cabernet sauvignon)

DON’T bring:

  • Any additional stuffed pandas
  • Any cold or flu like symptoms

Let us know if you are coming!

Either just reply to Ben or Ed or fill in the RSVP form below to achieve the same effect but in a more officious way.