Mystic Meg and broken clocks

Mystic Meg, Britain’s most famous astrologer, died aged 80 this March. Astrology – What a load of crap I always […]

Photo of David Graeber

In memory of David Graeber, 1961 – 2020

The following article was first published in ‘Sofia’ magazine. Sofia is the magazine of the Sea of Faith Network (UK) […]

Five Giants by Josh Philip Saunders

Structural sin

Stuck with an idea that we are only responsible for our own direct actions, we end up unable to deal with any problems that lie outside our most obvious responsibilities as a solitary individual.

Photograph of sculpture depicting 'homeless jesus'

Why I’m voting Labour

It’s hard to know where to start, to put into writing why I will be voting Labour. I could write […]

Why would atheists want to be part of the church?

This is the third blog post in the series about Christian Atheism. Links to the previous posts are below: Why […]